noun. [the kuh-nekt] a young professionals happy hour networking event.

noun. [the kuh-nekt] a young professionals happy hour networking event.


The Connect is an organization geared towards disproving the myth that opportunities for young professionals and millennials in Delaware are nonexistent. To do so, we create spaces for notable leaders, entrepreneurs, and millennials to formulate networking opportunities in a relaxed setting, with the ultimate goal of demonstrating that Delaware is somewhere for young professionals to thrive!  The Connect hosts professional networking events quarterly throughout the year. Our events include a variety of foods, a happy hour experience, and endless networking opportunities, all for a low and affordable admission fee.  Early arrival to our events are highly recommended, and you’ll want to show up early anyways. Trust, you won’t want to miss these! Head over to our membership portal to further Connect with us today!

Upcoming Events:


“Last Call Law”: From 1 to 2

*Registration Will Open Sunday, 5/28


Kurt Foreman

Connect Featured Guest #1

Cerron Cade

Connect Featured Guest #2

Denita Henderson

Connect Featured Guest #3

Tamarra Morris

Connect Featured Guest #1

Robert Herrera

Connect Featured Guest #2

Governor John Carney

Connect Featured Guest #3

Registration for Upcoming Events:


About the TheConnectDE

The ConnectDE Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to millennial retention and development in the state of Delaware. Overall, we want to disprove the myth that opportunities for young professionals/millennials in DE are nonexistent. We strive to educate, empower, and retain a young, talented and robust workforce in the great state of Delaware. We use networking events, forums, and panels to engage our audience in political advocacy, economic empowerment, and civic engagement.

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